Shuttle Bus Safety Measures during Emergency

1. Each bus has been equipped with a fire extinguisher and emergency exits which are properly examined in accordance with the legal requirements. The fire extinguisher is located on the left hand side of the driver seat.
2. Periodic trainings on emergency handling will be provided to all drivers by service provider.
3. Service Centre will review the safety measures and emergency handling procedures from time to time during monthly contractor meetings with service provider.
Guideline for Emergency Exit Doors
   - 49-Seater Bus – Front Emergency Exit, Rear Emergency Exit, Ceiling Exit
   - 28-Seater Bus – Rear Emergency Exit, Side Emergency Exit
Other Safety Features

   - Glass breaking hammers have been installed.
   - Seat belts are provided for passengers on shuttle bus#.

The above information was provided by service provider, which will be reviewed periodically in order to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for residents.
#Vehicles might be replaced other models subject to regular maintenance schedule.
Last update: July 2017 



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